Thursday, November 16, 2017

Diorama Possibility ?

I thought about turning these into some kind of a computer terminal  but instead ..... 

...I'll just flip them over and turn them into an alien world background.It's alot easier to just paint them grey and throw some terrain on top and around the structures.We'll see,I guess.    

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

New Cape For Mole Man!

Thanks to Brother Midnight sending me that replacement Dr.Strange,I was able to use one of the capes for my Mole Man figure.A quick paint job later and voila! You can still make out the eye of agamotto but It's not as pronounced with the all green paint.I know Mole Man has a  raggedy looking cape In the comics but this gives him a more royal look  .Well,whaddaya think? 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Spider-Man Noir

Is Hasbro trying to give us all  brain aneurysms with all the name changes on their 3 3/4 figures?First they went with Marvel Universe and then that changed to the Marvel Infinite Series which then leads us to what they are being called now,Marvel Legends.But there Is nothing on the packaging that lets us know they are the 3 3/4 version,for instance,If you were just looking at them online.It's all very confusing ,especially If you are new to the game.This Spider-Man Noir figure falls under the Legends label and was sent to me via trade by   none other than  Brother Midnight of Green Plastic Squirt Gun      . If you remember , a few posts back, I showed you a pic of all my Spidey figs....

Now I can add Spider-Man Noir into the mix  .

I don't know much about this characters background,other than the fact that he is an alternate universe Spider-Man .I think from the 1930's If my memory serves correct.I passed him up at a local Gamestop months back and regretted doing so.It was like 2 bucks ,more than worth it.I'm glad I was able to ultimately score one thanks to Brother Midnight.

He's pretty cool looking and I assume he still shoots webbing out of his hands In the comics .I'm gonna display him on my SHIELD Helicarrier . 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fraggle Rock McDonald's Premiums

I finally got around to adding these to my collection.As far as fast food premiums go,these Fraggle Rock racers were pretty popular,and still are.Check out the original display...

I'm short one but pleased with the three I have.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Marvel Universe - Wolverine (Brown Suit/Comic Pack)

I got this In the mail yesterday. I've been really drawn to this style  buck some of the first Marvel Universe figures sported . This will explain why you'll see that I'm amassing multiple figures of certain characters in my collection.I normally don't go that route as I like to keep it simple,but If a particular character that I already own has another figure out there with this kind of sculpt,then I'm picking It up. Hence the Wolverine figure you see below. 

Right off the bat ,you'll notice one glaring problem with this particular body sculpt and that's the scale misrepresentation.Every figure Is the same height!I kind of like this because It hearkens back to a simpler time when all figures had uniformed   height and style.Die hard's won't like this one bit. Off to the Marvel handbook... 

You can clearly see the height differences between Wolverine,Reed Richards and Bullseye.Wolverine should be alot smaller .

Here's a comparison pic with the Wolverine Origins movie figure.The Origins figure gets the scale right but the earlier released version looks heftier and more bad ass imo.

                Ready fir some craptastic poses and pics?!?!

Yeah,I'm a fan of this sculpt.Everything just looks homogeneous ,uniform.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Marvel Universe - Bulldozer

When Brother Midnight said he had  Wrecking Crew member ,Piledriver ,for trade I was like "No doubt!" It turns out Piledriver wasn't the figure he had ,It was Bulldozer all along lol! That's all good Brother,I get them confused all the time.Funny thing Is,I used to own this figure.It came In a two pack along with the ever lovin'  Thing .I traded him away to Buzz of Action Figure Adventures ,and have wanted to re-acquire one since.In the end,I'm glad It turned out to be Bulldozer and not Piledriver.

Here he is next to the Wrecking Crew's leader, Wrecker.All I need now are Piledriver and Thunderball.

I know ,I suck at posing .Lately I just haven't felt that extra motivation to put my action figures in cool poses. Even If I did find that motivation,I'd most likely still suck at It.

The Wrecking Crew played a major role In the Secret Wars series.Well,not that major but they do  appear often and  have a lot of dialogue throughout.Here's Bulldozer and Piledriver commandeering some kind of  alien   weaponry .This Is the image that always pops In my head when I think about Bulldozer.Check out Wrecker down below telling Ock to shut up with Thunderball trailing behind them.

Well,not exactly a perfect translation,but I think this cannon makes a great substitution for the alien craft seen above.Heck I might even try to make my own someday.Toy not for real.

Stay tuned as I'm gonna be going over the rest of the loot from that trade package from Brother Midnight in the next couple of days,along with some other things I have on the way.  

Monday, November 6, 2017

Trade Package From Brother Midnight!

A big shout out to Brother Midnight for hooking me up with some key Marvel Universe figures that have been on my want list for some time now.

The very first item In the trade package was  a pre cursor to the Marvel madness that would ensue.Love the nostalgia this Colorforms  Lazer Blazers sticker sheet packs!First time ever seeing this.

Loyal Subjects Trap Jaw!I absolutely love this figure and have already taken to ebay to find some Loyal Subjects Joe figures.Just a solid product with accessories and decent articulation.

 O.K. ,where to begin.I'll start with the  Dr.Strange figure.The one I have now has a loose leg that  always falls off and now I have solid replacement.My Wrecking Crew is two deep now thanks to the Bulldozer figure.All I need now Is Piledriver and Thunderball. Mystique  was a total surprise and a must have for my team of mutant villains.I finally have a Secret Wars accurate Doc Ock figure!And Kraven the Hunter!Kraven the fu*!^*# Hunter!I never thought I'd be the owner of this figure. I've always wanted It but could never afford the scalper prices on ebay.The Colossus ,Red She Hulk,Captain Marvel and Spider-Man Noir were all great pluses. 

Not pictured Is the Captain Power VHS interactive game which I'll be posting about separately on a later date.Everything Is much appreciated ,Brother!Thanxxxx ,man!