Monday, February 20, 2017

Round Robin Challenge: Your Mission,Should You Choose To Accept It

I'm hoping Mr.Smith doesn't mind me changing the rules up here a little ,but I'd like to give Round Robin Challengers an extra week on this assignment.Only because It will involve a little leg work.This weeks challenge,should you choose to accept it,goes a little something like this...

Remember how cool It was when our moms would come home from shopping and we found items like the following In the grocery bags?

Now we get to relive that magical moment!Your mission Is to go out and pick up any cartoon/movie themed food item and review it!Snap pics of  the food contents within.Is it fairly priced?Does It live up to the hype?How well does It represent the characters on the  box?How  does It taste and would you recommend ?   Bloggers who find an item with a premium prize inside will receive a bonus.Heck I might even send them a little something :)

Good Luck!!!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

You Can't Stop Kong,You Can Only Hope To Contain Him!

Shout out to Lanard for a job well done!Right when you think the line Is dying out and all they're going to release Is repainted military figures,they turn around and hit us with this!Not to say that the military figures and vehicles aren't great In their own right,but these Kong sets are really adding to Lanards ingenuity.The legend of Lanard continues...!

Check out the size comparisons.Doom has his hands full!    

Baron Zemo Is looking like a tasty little pizza roll right now.

It's snack time!Doom calls for back up!

Cap brings in the big guns,which pale in comparison to Kongs big guns.

Take that,that and that...

Somebody forgot to put  deodorant on this morning. Eeeeewww!

Snake Eyes has a long way to climb before he can introduce his katana to Kongs jugular.

Here's Lanard's Kong next to a six inch Supes figure.

Every figure Is pretty much In scale with King Kong.

Well maybe not Marvel Titans,but he still dwarfs  the competition.

This is how I'll display Kong in my quarters.He's just so massive that he wasn't about to fit on any of my units shelves.I'm thinking this Is where i'll set up the other sets as well. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Valentines Gift of Epic Proportions!

I'll have loose pics of this behemoth once I figure out where exactly I'm gonna photograph it.Seriously,I literally have no room for this figure In my collection ,lol!Guess I'll just have to move some things..or maybe everything around.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Behind The Music

I'm big on music,so this was a challenge I wanted to do but couldn't wrap my head around.I wasn't going to participate this week ,but after getting the 411 from Mr.Smith ,It's all systems go! 

This challenge led me to do some digging Into my past to verify some things.And I'm glad I did.You see I have this thing where certain songs,especially 80's songs,throw my ass right back to the exact place and time I might have been listening to It.I say I might have because I haven't really done any verification on any of these memories.But I refuse to think of them as false memories because the images that appear In my head are so damn vivid/lucid.This will be one of the first times that I actually do a little fact checking on the release of a song that damn near puts me In a nostalgic trance every time I hear It. No joke,It's like time stops and I'm jettisoned back to my childhood.It's pretty freaky actually.Have any of you guys /gals ever experienced this?Well,the song Is John Waite's
" Missing You".  


Every time I hear  those first three snares ,I already know It's gonna come on and I'm instantly put In a trance.I must be extremely weak minded because imo It's brainwashing at It's best.Something about the chords In that song that stop me in my tracks and  make me a kid again.I know It sounds corny but It's true.So I decided to find out why this happens.What the fuck was It about this particular song that   stirred such powerful childhood memories?

After a little research ,It turns out that "Missing You" released right around the time I came over to the states from Puerto Rico,1984 .I remember that night ,coming off the plain,It was freezing!So It must have been either fall or the beginning of winter.Well this song topped out at number 1 on the billboard charts In September ,which means that It must have been getting some heavy rotation, and right around the time I got here.My mom listened to a ton of radio and so did my sisters so I'm pretty sure I heard It a hundred times a day where we first lived.So that's my theory anyways.One day while mowing my lawn ,It came on over my headphones via a popular 80's station we have out here.Ready for more corniness?While bagging up the loose clippings,I decided to re purpose the lyrics to the song and dedicate It to my childhood. 

Check out some other Round Robin-ers


I secured these guys cheap on eBay cuz i bought two ,in bulk.I really want to get more because doombots are something I've been wanting to army build for a while now.I just didn't have the proper figures to do that with.Now I do!These figures are cheap and for under 20 bucks ,you should be able to snag up 4 to get you started.I'm starting off with two ,but If I get anymore I will most definitely have to kick everybody out of Castle Doom to make room for them.

                                             Here's how they look  as a stand alone figure....

They look pretty good In Castle Doom.

            Definitely going to pick up a couple more.I think they'll look great standing behind Doom!

Also,I'll be sitting out of this weeks Round Robin challenge but will still comment.Plus,stay tuned for the unveiling of my Valentines gift!Check In tomorrow for that ;)   

Sunday, February 12, 2017

G.I. Joe A.R.A.H. - Raptor

Raptor Is my most recent acquisition .A figure I'm glad I got because It helped me put into perspective exactly what years I full blown collected. 1987 -88 was a busy time for me .Busy asking people to take me to K-Mart.Busy asking people to take me to Fays drug store.Busy asking people to take me to Toys R Us  and busy   playing with my G.I. Joe figures.I was heavy into Joes these two years.I had older figures from previous waves  but most of those were hand me downs or figures I had just found outside while playing.I thought,time to strike while the iron is hot and start picking up these figures now so by the time they make It into the cartoon,I'll already have them!I managed to collect most of  series 6 (1987) single carded figures ,and Raptor here was one of them.To my dismay,Raptor never made the cut and failed to make a cartoon appearance.The good thing about that was that I could create a custom personality for him. 

And speaking of Marvel.I wonder how much they had a hand In the design aspect of the 1987 and 1988 line of Joe figures.Raptor,Big Boa,Croc Master  and Cobra La,all of them could have fit right into an Avengers or even X-Men comic book storyline.Raptor would have made a great arch villain to Falcon. I think that may be why I gravitated towards the '87 and '88 waves.Also, even though some of the characters were out there,their color schemes remained realistic. Lots of greens and browns with the occasional off color,but nothing that was ever exaggerated. That wouldn't come until later.

Raptor had some nice detailing built right into the sculpt.

But I think what everybody loved best was the head sculpt,for obvious reasons.

This Raptor came with everything except for the talons for his pet falcon.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Imaginext Hanging Cage

I'm always looking for odds and ends to spruce up Castle Doom and I thought,why not a hanging cell to hold those pain In the ass superheros  In check!When I saw the listing ,I thought the funny little goblin was there just to convey scale.I didn't think the little booger would be taking the trip on the USPS Express along with the cage.

It's a little smaller than I expected but still works with the smaller scaled Marvel Universe figures.

"Dooms elevators are more archaic than the ones In my NYC apartment building." 

" I'll just grab a seat and shut this door and press ...."


"Awe crap!"

I borrowed an eye hook from Magneto ,screwed that baby in and voila!