Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Year Blogging Anniversary!

5 years plopped in front of a desktop ,yapping about toys.When I first got started,way back In 2011 ,It was with a Wordpress blog called AF&T  or Action Figs and Things!What's weird Is that years before that I had already began rediscovering that childhood magic ,collecting action figures that I used to have as a kid.It was a fun endeavor ,but a limited one because I wasn't going to play with them or anything.At that time I had also been an avid reader of Reis Obrien's action figure column.That led to the discovery of his toy blog/vlog Hey Look At My Toys and a host of other great blogs of the time like John Gaither's (jboypacman) Revenge From The Cosmic Ark and Colin's Super Duper Toy Box.That was all the inspiration I would need.I quickly got on the phone with my older sister and asked her If she still had her old Coolpix camera and If I could borrow it for a little while.A little while turned Into years and years turned into "It's mine now!" This Is the actual Coolpix camera ,the one that started It all..

I now had something to do with my action figures!I could pose them ,snap pictures  of them and tell a story about what that particular figure meant to me as a kid,and what it means to me now.Here's the link to my very first blog post ,ever, on my old  Wordpress site Action Figs and Things!It seems like I'm late to my own party as the date stamp on that post was 8/22/2011.Oh,well what's a couple of days ;)

In honor of that very first blog post,I present to you ....Mattel's Secret Wars Captain America!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

If Never Finishing What You Started Was An Olympic Sport,I'd Have A Gold Medal Around My Neck

Don't fret,If there's one thing I do decide to finish by the end of this week It will be  this post.Everything else I'm not so sure about.I am the champion my friend.The champion of leaving things undone.The winner when It comes to premeditated procrastination. The most unmotivated gold medalist you'll ever meet.Yup,this guy right here.I'll get excited about something ,a project or  an idea,haphazardly implement It,then quickly lose interest and move on.It's not that things won't get finished because they will,It's just gonna take a while.In fact ,If  I were In the  Olympics ,I'd most likely be the last one to tumble past the finish line.But that's kosher ,cuz In my world,It would earn me a Gold medal!

Head over to The  Rebel Page and see what got him the Gold!

20 Years Before 2000  creates 80's day!

Brother Midnight ,over at Green Plastic Squirt Gun needs a maid.

Jon from The Harvey Mercheum  chimes In and

Miss M  has a tune or two In her head!

Also,don't forget to  check out  Cool and Collected for upcoming assignments as well as some awesome pop culture and toy content!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Wal Mart Adventure Wheels

A couple posts back,i wrote about how cool these clearanced Wal Mart Adventure Wheels sets were,but things get even cooler with this next set i'm about to post about.Here we have the bright orange raft set!It comes with your average Joe adventurer/outdoorsman ,his pet dog and a host of great accessories.

Lets take a look at the dog first.A very nicely detailed brown lab.Just a great sculpt and flawless paint apps.  

These figures are pretty impressive as well.While they are far from top notch,the design and distinguished sculpts set them apart from other discount figures.

If you customize or are into building dioramas ,then these sets may be just what your looking for.Lots of extras and goodies like working coolers,log fires and lanterns among other things. Just enough stuff to get the creative juices flowing. 

Even If you're just looking to bolster your Joe vehicle stash,Adventure Wheels has you covered.This raft Is a couple of decals away from becoming a full fledged Joe or Cobra vehicle.The oars are detachable ,too.  

What I like about this set Is the functionality of the accessories.The fishing rod really works and can be reeled in and out.So many times ,accessories like this look great but the figures are hardly ever able to hold them. Not the case here.Every included accessory in this set can easily be held by the figure.  

"Hey Tom,ya hear sumthin'?"   -  "Naaah,It's probably just a Swamp Thing."

"Son of a b$#*$,you were right!"  

"AAAAAAAAHRGH!!!,Goood LoRd,i THINK iT GOt Me!!!!"  -  "Don't worry,I'll tell the boss you won't be coming  In tomorrow!Oh,and can I keep your set of fishing rods?"



Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dollar Tree Accessories

I've always wanted some working ,folding chairs for my action figures to sit in.They're especially cool In dioramas and playsets. Online you'll pay close to 5 bucks for a pair and that's not even factoring In the shipping costs.Luckily I was able to find some at Dollar Tree ,included with an action figure that I have passed up so many times before.At first,I wasn't sure If the chairs would work/fold out ,thinking that maybe they were in a fixed bang-a-wrestler-in-the-head position.To my delight,after  getting them out of the packaging, they worked!Not bad for a buck a piece considering they each come with a postmortem Sylvester Stallone action figure.

These chairs are made of a durable plastic and work well with your 3 3/4 vintage Joes.I find they work even better with the modern Marvel Universe figures  and Joes. Anything 3 3/4 that bends at the knees pretty much. 
Nothing says R&R like a game of musical chairs! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Computer Lab/Lower Level Diorama

So I had this computer packing thingamajig taking up space in my basement and I got bored and I decided to spruce It up.A little grey paint and yellow touches and I have a half way decent command center.I'm gonna pick up some of those dollar tree wrestlers to utilize those chairs and ladders they come with.That'll be it,though.I'm not trying to go nuts with it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pop Culture League Assignment - Shelfie

I remember The League of Extraordinary Bloggers back In the day, never partook In any of the festivities, though. This time around, especially with state of  the blogosphere , I feel I need to participate a little more to see If we can breathe life back into toy blogging! So , a big thank you to Brian over at Cool and Collected for  bringing the League back. Here's my  introductory league assignment post. Very simple ,snap a pic of two of your very favorite shelves. I chose the two shelves hat display all of my vintage . It only recently wrapped around to the bottom shelf with the addition of  a couple of Swamp Thing figures I received from Brother Midnight In a recent trade. I'm hoping to fill out the bottom shelf over the coarse of the winter. So there you have It. Definitely check out Cool and Collected when you get the chance to get your next league assignment......!

Check these shelfies out....

Green Plastic Squirt Gun

The Stunt Zombie

Mr. Smiths Plastic Bubble

The Nerd Nook