Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Gaming The Toy Blues Away

My last post touched on the fact that toy aisles these last couple of months just haven't had anything cool to offer as far as action figures go.I even took a trip down to TRU to see If they had anything popping on their store shelves.Turns out the only thing popping was the gum an  employee  kept blowing bubbles with a couple aisles down from me.My friends,It Is a sad sight when you walk into a TRU and find that the majority of the store has been filled with video games, Legos,Mega Bloks ,Funko POPS! and action figures based on recently released films.They even had some Dragonball Z stuff.Is that even a thing anymore? I remember walking into my childhood TRU store and having a myriad of action figure lines to choose from.On any given day ,these toy lines cluttered the store aisles...

G.I. Joe
Go Bots
Bionic Six
Marvel Comic Books

I could go on and on!It's damn near depressing.The only thing TRU has going on right now Is their True Heroes line.But even that wasn't enough to keep me in the store longer than 20 minutes ,before  ultimately getting the hell outta dodge.I will say this.Toy droughts always present the chance for me to get reacquainted with my  video games.Lately I've been more of a point and click gamer ,opting to play Diablo like PC games seeing as how I spend alot of my down  time on my desktop.

I've talked about Divine Divinity before ,over on the Toy Disorderly forums.I had the Steam version but had to get the physical copy ,just because.Freedom Force Vs. The 3rd Reich is a sequel to Freedom Force and Is an absolute blast to play!You'll feel like your inside the pages of  a golden era comic book.I picked It up for 5 bucks and  got It to run on Windows 10.Skeleton Warriors was a pick up for my PS1 and more of an impulse buy.It's a cool little side scroller  that you'll have to beat in one sitting due to a lack of any saving features.But yeah,that's pretty much it people.Stay tuned for future video game posts ;)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Custom Mole Man Cape

This was a rushed effort,but I'm not that disappointed with the results.I wish It would sit further down on his shoulders .Maybe I can tweak that somehow.What do you guys think?

Friday, September 22, 2017

Nothing Out There I Want!

OK,maybe the SDCC Exclusive GI Joe Revolution set  but that's never,ever gonna happen,so,yeah.There's nothing out there that I'm crazy about right now.When Alexis over at Collector's Universe  posted about some Mega Construx He-Man and Skeletor figs  I thought,mmm well maybe.Plus Mega must mean that they're bigger than normal figures in that style.Negative.They were pretty much the same as Mega Bloks turtles.Wait,are Mega Bloks the same as Mega Construx?Already too much of a conundrum for my frail brain to contend with right now.I'm gonna have to pass.And then there's  the Star Wars,Justice League take over.WTF!I don't do Marvel Legends so even though there's always like 70 of them stocked on any given day at my local Wal Mart and Target,me no likey.Not even the 3 3/4 stuff.Fuck POP's. And then what's left after that?Oh ,yeah ,I forgot,more POP's.Fucking Funko!I wish G.I. Joe would come back.Until that happens,It's only retro and Marvel Universe hole filling for me.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Marvel Legends 3 3/4 - Executioner/Enchantress 2 Pack

I haven't gotten overly enthusiastic about a recently released Marvel 3 3/4 action figure In a long time.In fact there haven't been many 3 3/4 figures at all that I've  felt the need to have to hunt down or obsess over.G.I. Joe is dead with the exception of the exclusive (Revolution) stuff which I'll never be able to get my hands on anyways.I only collect Star Wars figures that pertain to the original trilogy,so all this new stuff Is cool but not must haves.I'm done with Transformers (too much of a scale discrepancy) and I've stated before how I'm no DC collector.At least Hasbro keeps churning out these 3 3/4 Marvel Legends figures.Even though It's hit and miss (mostly miss) ,every 2 or three waves  there'll be a figure or two that I'm really interested In. Like this Executioner/Enchantress two pack.As far as Thor related characters go,Balder the Brave ,Warriors 3 ,Executioner and Enchantress are personal favorites .I'd love a Balder figure and a proper rendition of the Warriors Three but who knows when that will happen.For now I have to be thankful for  3 3/4 versions of Executioner and Enchantress.Both are stellar figures.Be sure to check  Enchantress for wonky eye syndrome.My Enchantress's eyes are a little too far apart.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Recent Pick - Up

I'm so glad I was able to pick this set up.It was the last one at my local Target !Of the 300 Legends 3 3/4 figs that are out now ,these two were pretty much the only two I wanted.The Thor /Hulk set looks pretty cool ,too, but It Isn't even close to being on my want list.I'll have loose pics up either later on tonight or tomorrow.Thanks for tuning In!  

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Retro Revival Blog Challenge: Forgotten Food and Dining Experiences

What stands out the most to me when thinking back on my childhood restaurant experiences are smoking sections .Smoking was allowed  not only in restaurants,but also bars,shopping malls and  certain places of employment.It wasn't something that bugged me as a kid ,seeing as how practically everybody In my family smoked at the time.I'm pretty sure It must have bugged some non smokers but all in all ,both sides were accommodated.One side smoking,the other non-smoking.I don't know, Is It just me ,are were people generally alot calmer back then?You didn't have to rush your meal  to  run out for a quick smoke  before your 45 minute  lunch break came to an end.You didn't have to pop any anti anxiety pills either,one smoke pretty much did the trick.I quit 10 years ago but sympathize with those who smoke today.They are treated like misfits and god knows the shits gonna hit the fan If they ever decide to make It illegal.What's your take?

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

And Another One ....Phew!

Well,I can scratch another one off my list.Dr.Strange has been on my radar as far back as the Mesopotamia.Yup,they had Marvel Universe figures.Anyways,I cut costs here by picking one up on eBay listed as "defective". The left leg pops out very easily and because of that,the seller had it listed for 7 bucks.I of course,thinking I'd be able to fix it ,went through with the purchase.I couldn't fix it.It's just a big Krazy Glued mess on that left leg joint,so that's how it shall stay.I may try to use some acetone to loosen it up a little,but idk.The legs weren't very poseable to begin with ,so ,oh well.A good thing he can fly because running will be out of the question.The struggle is real 😓