Thursday, October 27, 2016


.As I've said before,I really like the CORPS! and have even sent e-mails to Lanard expressing my love of not only the figures but their price point,as well.I also recommended they do a  cartoon series at some point,maybe a straight to DVD adventure  they could package with some figures.That would be pretty damn epic. They've created some real cool web comics with top notch artwork depicting the new CORPS! vs. The Curse wars that have unfolded since the initial release of the new line of figures. Check those out here

I'm extremely late to the "Puma" party but have seen enough of her on toy vlogs and action figure sites to want to pick one up for myself. I usually take my time with these figures because Wal Mart always has a surplus of them hanging on the pegs.For about 3 bucks you can pick up this two pack at your local Wal Mart and K-Mart department stores.The Diesel figure Is a plus for me because I didn't have him yet. Puma Is just an amazing figure!

Not only does she have an awesome weapon selection...

...but they're  also  all store- able!She's super efficient and can hold her weapons In tandem and keep the third stashed for when shit get's real.You never know when that skeleton army Is gonna come marching around the corner.

Puma Is just a bad ass figure ,and Latina!Someone needs to cosplay her character one day.

Diesel Is also a pretty cool looking figure.I'm always happy to add a new member to the team ;)

Monday, October 24, 2016

Here Comes Halloween!

I guess I'll go back In time a bit to write about one of my greatest Halloween memories.I was 11 or 12,and  had moved to a house near my cousin.That year he  called me and  asked me to go trick or treating with him that Halloween.The plot thickened when he said It would be one of the biggest candy scores ever ,If we played our cards right.You see,my aunt worked for the city at the time,and was privy to certain bits of information that your average trick or treater ,well,just wasn't .It turned out that the Mayor of our city lived a few blocks away from  them and every Halloween ,he'd leave two big boxes out on the porch,filled with individually bagged assorted candies  and a sign that read "take-one". I knew what my cousin had In mind.He wasn't a saint and neither was I.And we certainly weren't about to only take one bag of candy from our super generous Mayor's front porch that Halloween.

The plan was to arrive early ,and as soon as It got a little bit darker,we would return to  the Mayors front porch to finish the job.Well,everything fell apart the minute we arrived and realized that we had been  beaten to the loot! As we trudged home that night ,defeated, we still managed to amass quite the candy trove.And then..... Karma!We both caught wind of a group of older kids conspiring to snatch OUR candy bags!It was a foot race but we managed to outrun the group of older kids(who clearly weren't from the neighborhood,we knew all the short cuts.They didn't stand a chance ) and  get  back to my cousins front porch and into his house,safely with candy bags in tact.I'll never forget that day!

Mr.Smith takes a trip down memory lane


Alexis decks the halls with Halloween spookieness!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

TMNT Vintage Foot Soldiers & Splinter

Finally,a little foot soldier action!Brother Midnight has helped me round out my vintage TMNT collection with a couple of foot soldiers and Splinter.I had gotten rid of Splinter once before In a trade I completed with lord knows who (was it you Brother ?) ,so I am glad to get him back!I've always liked the original design of  the foot soldiers ,and always wanted some as a kid.They are an odd looking ,almost alien like brand of Ninja with a foot stamped on their bean shaped foreheads.I'm liking my Playmates  TMNT  collection and now the only two that I need are Shredder and Krang!Good looking out Bro!

Brother also packed a staff  with the foot soldiers that I was able to use for my Donatello!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Transformers G1 (re-issue) - Autobot Jazz

I'm ready to start going over some of the goods from that Bro Midnight trade package over these next couple of days ,in no particular order. Some of those figures have grown on me more than others ,like this G1 re-issue of Jazz! I've been wanting a G1 styled Transformer in my collection for a long time now.I've always had my sights set on the more affordable mini cons ,never going after the larger and more expensive Transformer figures.Which Is why I'm so damn psyched to own this Jazz figure.It's not the original,vintage release but It's a damn near perfect copy of It.

Remember when Transformers were simple?I miss that about this particular line of figures.It made transforming them a snap.Transformers of today are chock-full of joints and articulation.That might be gravy  for the average collectors who want to display their figures In  cool battle poses, but maybe not so much  for the kid who would prefer to transform his Autobot on the fly and In less than a minute.I figured out how to transform Jazz in seconds,literally,without any instruction sheets.  

Jazz Is missing his weapons and a couple of decals.I may have to track down his blaster at some point but the lack of decals don't bug me as much.That chrome is too glorious to cover up with stickers.      

Now,I believe this re-issue released In 2002 but the date stamp on It says 1992.Not sure what that's all about.There Is some die cast present In the sculpt as well.Jazz was one of my favorite characters on the show and one of the more prominent Autobots.  

Just a beautiful toy!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Are You Scared?

Nightmares scare the shit out of me.I don't know about you guys and your bad dreams but mine seem to be written and directed by  Stephen King.The only thing Is that they don't feel like a movie.They feel like the real thing.To the point where when I wake up and realize that I'm still lying safely  In my bed,I let out  a big sigh of relief.I've had Jason Vorhees  dreams and as a kid I had a nightmare with Juggernaut.Yes ,a life size Juggernaut  was In my room and he was giving me this mean,clenched teeth stare and  It scared the fruit of the looms off me.Every once In a while I'll have an end of the world dream .I'm  talking meteor showers,news anchors giving us the countdown to when we should expect the big  bright flash ,the whole nine yards.Pretty crazy stuff.So yeah,nightmares scare me,alot!

"You may say I'm a chicken,but I'm not the only one..."

Mr. Smith keeps It real......

Bro Midnight would prefer to stay grounded...

and Alexis should make It a point to never watch the film Arachnophobia!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Brother Midnight's Box of BANG! Part 2

This trade box from Brother Midnight of the top notch  photography heavy blog Green Plastic Squirt Gun ,really blew my mind!If the vintage movie posters weren't enough,how do  bags full of California Raisins and M.U.S.C.L.E. figures sound? You even hooked It up with the Doctor Doom Titan figure!I freaking love that thing!I quickly put him up on display with the rest of the Titans.And damn,that Palisades Kermit!I'll be going over that and the rest of this star studded cast of toys  throughout the upcoming week and weekend.Many thanks Brother,many thanks :)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

I'm Never Gonna Want To Leave My Basement Again!

Ho-lee SHIT!Brother Midnight's trade package arrived today ,and right off the bat,delivered a punch that knocked me silly and right back to the 80's!A while back,I posted about a man cave I was In the process of hooking up and Bro Midnight gave me an idea to throw up some Christmas lights and maybe a couple of movie posters. Both were great ideas ,only problem Is I didn't have any movie posters :( Well,Brother took It upon himself to aid me In my efforts to create my make shift man cave with a mind blowing assortment of  80's movie posters!

Willow!God, If you don't remember Willow then you were In a cryogenic sleep for most of the 80's.I need to see this again!

Predator 2  In spanish!Me gusta very,very much :)

Are you kidding me?E friggin' T!?!You almost made a grown man cry with this one Brother.

Last but not least,a film so epic that none of the words In the title had to be capitalized. *batteries not included !This film showed how normal,everyday people of different age,color and background can come together to  make change,with a little extra terrestrial help.One of my all time favorite movies!

I'm afraid that once I put these up In my basement man cave,I'm never going to want to leave! I'm not sure If I'm going to frame them or just use staples to hang them up.Either way  Brother,you have made my Saturday.I'm 12 years old again,at least for today,anyway. In fact,these posters will bring me back every time I  get to look at them hung up on my walls.Thank you Allen :)  And  I haven't even gotten to  the toys yet lol!